For the first time we are managing the studio photos in-house!  We thank you for your patience while we put this together. We are happy to say that we have been able to significantly reduce the price of the printed photos and have cut the price of a digital photo in half! We hope that this first attempt is successful and that we can continue to provide quality photos at a discounted price.

*****downloading/saving of trademarked/watermarked photos from this website is strictly prohibited*****

This year the photos are packaged per dance. Each pack contains one group shot and one individual shot for each dance. Headshots and photos from the miscellaneous section are sold individually. 

If your child was not part of a group photo, their individual shot can be found in the Miscellaneous Photo section.  Please note, we endeavoured to get an individual shot for each student, however this may not have been possible in all cases.

Prints will be 5x7in and will be available for pickup at the studio, Digital copies will be provided via a download link. 

We are also happy to provide some discounts for orders:

If you order over $50.00 worth of images use the Coupon Code 10%OFF at checkout to save 10%.

Orders over $70.00, use Coupon Code 15%OFF

Orders over $110.00 use Coupon Code 20%OFF

This year, our photographer was Derek from Derek Logan Photography (check out his Facebook page). I'm sure you will all be pleased with the finished product. Derek Logan Photography offers a range of service, including Princess and Dance Photo Shoots. The images are presented on beautiful storyboards that children and families will treasure.
As a special gift to our families, Derek is offering to create a storyboard using the images you have chosen at the incredible price of only $50.00 per storyboard. Just spend $50.00 or more to unlock this special offer. To order, simply click the storyboard image to add it to your cart and Derek will contact you to discuss your storyboard design and arrange payment. Please allow a minimum of five different shots for the storyboard design.